Take the main road on the left towards Sao Bras; after 200 m a road in good condition towards Porto Carvalhoso leads to the mountains. After just a few minutes you’ll have a marvellous view of the sea and in fine weather - nearly always - even as far as Spain.


If you keep following the road to Aguas de Tabuas you arrive at the Serra de Alcaria do Cume, which (just as the entire hinterland) is really impressive with its unspoilt peace and naturalness. No less rewarding is a tour via the lagoon town of Tavira, which is also called “Venice of the Algarve”.


Mountain bikes can be hired in Tavira, Sao Bras and Moncarapacho.


Immediately next to the sea is the railway line from Lagos in the west to the Spanish border at Vila Real de Santo Antonio. It is certainly worthwhile allowing a day for a pleasant outing along it.


Sao Miguel                 Mountain (with communications aerials) by the road from Santa

                                     Catarina to Moncarapacho. Turn right after the motorway roundabout

                                     and you'll  have a gorgeous view of the coast and the hinterland.                           


Cachopo                     go to the centre of Sao Bras, turn right on the northbound main road

                                      towards Almodovar (the old road to Lisboa) via Barranco Velho to

                                      Cachopo, then continue on towards Martim Longo as far as Alcoutim

                                     (beautiful historical city centre). At the river Guadiana you can take

                                      the route back va Castro Marim (castle), Vila Real de Santo Antonio

                                      (beautiful marketplace and harbour promenade). From Vila Real

                                      you can also take the route to Ayamonte/Spain (10 km) and further

                                      on via Monte Gordo (fine beach, immediate access to the sea, large

                                      car park, casino) to Tavira etc. (all in all 166 km).


Querenca                    as above, at Barranco Velho turn right to Querenca


Alte                                further on to Alte (source)

                                       Near Pena da Rocha the road leads to a rock plateau that can

                                       easily be discovered on foot with the help of signposts (just a few

                                       hundred metres from the car park). At the end of the plateau you

                                       arrive at a small village (Tosta Mista + Bica !) and you can return to

                                       the car park. (In the cottage you'll find several booklets in the

                                       sitting room cupboard describing - among others - this tour.)


Alcaria do Cume         I for one regard this as one of the most beautiful tours, although the road is partly untarred and has only few signposts. But you’ll certainly reach your destination if you just follow the main road. Importantly, you have many views of the sea and so you keep your orientation.

                                       Take the main road towards Porto Carvalhoso in the direction of the mountains and Bemparece/Aguas the Tabuas / Malhado do Judeu. When the tarred road comes to an end follow it further and you’ll pass the windmills and aerials (highest mountain: Alcaria Fria) on your way from  Cachopo to Tavira.


Pego do Inferno           Moinhos da Rocha (waterfalls): from Santa Catarina to Tavira, turn left at the town sign “Quatros Estradas”, the road to the car park is signposted.


Interesting and enjoyable trips can be made around Santa Catarina, e. g. to the mountains, downhill to Porto Carvalhoso, across the bridge; then there is a steep ascent before you turn right towards Malhado do Nobre. Keep on the sandy road alongside the river, which the road crosses shortly.  A few Km further on, at the Tourismo Real, you reach the road from Tavira to Santa Catarina.

There are walking possibilities from the house and in the surrounding area and hills. Most paths, tracks and lanes are accessible, except of course where fenced off, or where specific private notices are found.