Like the people in any other country the Portuguese are pleased if you come up with a few native expressions. Initially the Portuguese tend to be a bit reserved, but in the end they’ll thank you with heartfelt hospitality.


Some useful phrases:


bom dia (pronunciation: bon dia)                  good morning (a.m.)

boa tarde                                                            good afternoon (p.m.)

boa noite                                                             good evening (after sunset)

obrigado                                                              thank you (gentlemen)

obrigada                                                              thank you (ladies)

faz favor (fuzh …)                                               please

bica                                                                      small espresso

galao                                                                    milky coffee

cerveja (servezha)                                            beer

vinho tinto                                                            red wine

vinho branco                                                       white wine

pao                                                                       bread

queijo (kehzhu)                                                 cheese

fiambre                                                                (boiled) ham

presunto                                                              (raw) ham

manteiga                                                             butter

aqua com gas                                                    fizzy mineral water

aqua sem (sei) gas                                          still mineral water